If you had told me years ago while I was harvesting rows of vegetables that I would become a florist, I may have rolled my eyes. Admittedly, it was not exactly what occurred to me when I transitioned from growing vegetables to flowers, but I have now spent endless hours over the past five years cultivating my designs and determining how to navigate with an attempt at grace, the beast than can be the wedding industry. I have done this with a measured and steady Capricorn pace and by relying on integrity as my anchor. 

We love to offer flowers for other events, but weddings are what we do most often and therefore, best. When we are invited to choreograph flowers rather than force their movements the most memorable arrangements come through. I have described my relationship to flowers as any artist working within a medium; arranging flowers is my practice. I create these ephemeral sculptures over and over, each time finding something new, seeing something new. 

We believe in the quality of our flowers and strive for our designs to be a seamless extension of the seasonal beauty that surrounds us. We are excited to work with you and share some of what inspires us. If you are interested in working together, please fill out the inquiry form. While most of our Full Service events begin at $3,000, we are always excited for smaller events, different ideas, local venues and other fun stuff so, get in touch with what you have in mind.